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Bridesmaids Posies 

A lovely selection of a dozen bridesmaids posies is illustrated in the slide show on the right.

A few bring to mind a small country garden, the design reflecting the natural beauty of nature; while others are almost geometric in composition and more formal in appearance.

Closely bound roses are traditional and always a very charming posy which, with care, can be dried and kept forever! 

Small sprigs of white heather are sometimes added for pure good luck!

For her own daughter's wedding the bridesmaids carried white posies set off so well against the satin of their lovely dark red dresses.

A circular posy for the little girl and a slightly larger trailing design for the maid-of-honour.

For small children, who may not want to carry a posy for too long, a wrist band is a charming alternative >

Guide Price: From 30.00

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